UNICEF Innovation, The Brand

Designing a cohesive, agile and fresh visual identity for innovation work at UNICEF.

The UNICEF innovation identity was created to share a clear story about who the innovation team is, what the work stands for and how it gets done. The identity conveys the personality of a team that is forward thinking and optimistic. After collecting stories and consultations with the larger team and many iterations, the UNICEF Innovation identity was created to follow four clear principles - honour UNICEF, reflect innovation principles, be easy to apply and be simple and clear.

Throughout my time at UNICEF, the innovation ‘identity’ had been a work in progress. Fragments of colour palettes, fonts and imagery were being paired up as the need arose. We reached a point in our projects where people were using too many different visual languages to talk about the same things. We needed one, cohesive visual identity that would tell our story clearly and memorably.

Why didn’t we do this sooner? The team was always hesitant to create a brand for UNICEF Innovation, not wanting to be too distinct or separate from the larger UNICEF brand. Our design team tasked itself with trying to create something that reaches a happy medium while also staying authentic to the UNICEF Innovation agenda. The term ‘no brand branding’ came about and stuck.



Colour palettes of optimisim; free and open fonts; sharp, playful, bold icons; curated warm imagery - these were some of the elements that really brought the identity together.

The UNICEF Innovation brand was built to be applied across a variety of platforms and use cases. Since our work is so diverse, the identity needed to be agile enough to be used through presentations, social media, information graphics, digital products, print publications etc. Below are a few examples of the brand being applied to a variety of our work:

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