Rumbo a su tarjeta verde

Creating an information booklet that explains the legal steps of the U.S. immigration process.

Rumbo a su tarjeta verde is a Spanish-language guide that breaks down the legal steps to becoming a US permanent resident and citizen based on a family relationship. It was created in collaboration with the Centre for Urban Pedagogy and Unlocal Inc under the Public Access Design fellowship. The colorful booklet explains the process by illustrating the step-by-step path of filing a family-based petition. It also breaks down the “visa bulletin,” a complicated document that changes monthly and indicates when people can apply for residency.

As the current administration threatens to reduce legal immigration options for people living in the US, it’s increasingly important that families have access to information on how to remain together legally. Immigrants have options to become permanent residents and citizens if their family members are themselves citizens or residents. This process is called the Family-Based Immigration Petition. There are no existing resources explaining this complex process that impacts immigrant families nationwide.  





After several rounds of feedback, we settled on illustration styles that would best portray this information. The illustration style was to be playful, colourful and represent the diverse audience that it was serving. The colour palette was inspired primarily by the kinds of visual elements we found in community centres - flyers, posters, notices and any kind of art projects that were up in the space served as our moodboard.

UnLocal is an organization that seeks to re-imagine the way legal services are delivered to immigrants in New York City. In our initial scoping, we met with the UnLocal team to map out the problems and the intervention points. From there, we designed our first research session to be held at the Immigrant Movement International in Queens, New York. At IMI we spoke to participants of a legal session about their experience with the immigration system, their pain points and things that worked for them.

Rumbo a su tarjeta verde launched at a celebration for Immigrant Movement International’s (IMI) community members in Corona, Queens. Unlocal Inc. is currently distributing thousands of copies of the booklets at their monthly legal immigration trainings in Queens and the Bronx, and throughout NYC through their network of partners.

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