I'm a communication designer from India who has been working in the social impact space for over a decade. Currently I am the Design Director at YLabs in Kigali, Rwanda.

Previously: Design Lead at UNICEF’s Office of Innovation (New York), Design Fellow at Center for Urban Pedagogy (New York), Graduate Teacher’s Assistant at NYU ITP (New York) and School of Visual Arts (New York), and Designer at Teach for India (Mumbai.)

I enjoy making things with my hands, taking lots of photographs, swimming, rock climbing, petting all the dogs and instagramming everything.

Say hello any time – tanyabhndri@gmail.com

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2023   WILD AIGA
2023   BMC Women’s Health
2020   SVA DSI
2019   Beyond the PX
2019   Indipool Magazine
2019   UNICEF
2018   Center for Urban Pedagogy
2017   UNICEF
2016   Google.org
2016   SVA DSI
tanya bhandari 2023    tanyabhndri@gmail.com